• To represent and provide a forum for black nurses to advocate for and implement strategies to ensure access to the highest quality of healthcare for persons of color.


  • Provision for the enjoyment of optimal health is the birthright of every American.  Major health interest groups and governmental agencies believe this and act upon it. However, Black Americans, along with other minority groups in our society, are excluded from the means to achieve equal access to preventative and curative health care in mainstream America. As a result, Black nurses have established an organization to implement change and make health care available to minorities. Black nurses have the understanding, knowledge, interest, concern, and experience to make a significant difference in the health care status of the Black community.


  • Define and determine nursing care for Black consumers for optimum quality of care by acting as their advocates.
  • Act as agents of change as we aid in reconstructing existing institutions and/or helping to establish institutions to suit our needs.
  • Set standards and guidelines for quality education of Black Nurses on all levels by consulting with  nursing faculties and  monitoring for proper utilization and placement of Black Nurses.
  • Recruit, counsel, and assist Black persons interested in nursing to ensure a constant procession of Blacks into the health care field.
  • Be a vehicle for unification of the Black nurses of varying ages, educational levels, and geographic locations to ensure continuity and flow of our common heritage.
  • Collaborate with other Black groups to compile archives relevant to historical, current, and future activities of Black Nurses.